"A Bowl Full of Happiness" is a forthcoming anthology of comic art devoted to Sea Monkeys, with all proceeds going to benefit the Hero Initiative. The project is run by members of the Sunday Comix cartoonist group. Anyone interested in submitting a one-page comic, featuring theses delightful creatures is welcome to paticipate!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Anthology has arrived!

Here's the cover for the anthology, which debuted this last weekend at SPACE:

We sold 30 copies of the anthology, as well as cat toys

and cookies I made and prints that Mike Carroll graciously donated, raising $200 for the Hero Initiative.

I'll be sending a check to the Hero Initiative along with a copy if the anthology.  The goal is to keep on selling the anthology (and prints and cat toys), at conventions or at comic shops or on the web.  I'll be setting up an ordering page soon.

Thanks to all the contributors for sending in such great comics!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sea Monkeys Live!

We've collected a few fun Sea Monkey videos for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

A Brief History of Sea Monkeys

What could be more fun than a barrel full of Sea Monkeys?  
An entire comic book anthology filled with comics and cartoons devoted to those iconic creatures which have been burned into our collective pop-culture consciousness by that ever-enterprising marketing master, Harold von Braunhut!  

Harold who??

Mr. Harold von Braunhut is the man behind the marketing of Sea Monkeys, as well as many other comic book advertisement favorites like X-Ray glasses, "invisible goldfish" and Amazing Hair-Raising Monsters, in which a user adds water to a card and watches hair grow on the previously bald pate of the monster depicted.  

So, who was von Braunhut and how did he go about filling children's heads with dreams of being lord and master over a miniature colony of aquatic simians?